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What I Drive
2013 Ford Raptor Supercab
Hello Shelbyites,
I'm interested in purchasing a latest-generation GT350 or R model. I've been observing listings on BaT, Hemmings, Cars.com, AutoTrader, etc. I've noticed that there have been warrantee issues with the Voodoo engine in addition to the rather customary issues with non-driveline associated parts. I have also observed that a number of cars seem to reappear on these sites after only a few months time to be resold. My question to all of you in the know; is there something inherently faulty with the GT 350's and R models that would explain their changing hands so often? Can I anticipate any quality-related problems with a low mileage GT 350 or is it just that the magic of the car wears off after a short period of time?